Scottie Barnes scouting report

Scottie Barnes is an amazing prospect. Probably the most interesting one outside the TOPA 4 of this class. He has a terrific combination of ability and physical conditions that makes him stand out over most of the prospects.

Scottie Barnes is an amazing prospect. Probably the most interesting one outside the TOP 4 of this class. He has a terrific combination of ability and physical conditions that makes him stand out over most of the prospects.

Scottie Barnes is an amazing prospect. Probably the most interesting one outside the TOP 4 of this class. He has a terrific combination of ability and physical conditions that makes him stand out over most of the prospects. In this report we are going to follow closely every aspect of his game as well as his physical conditions in order to understand why is he such a special prospect.

Physical condition of Scottie Barnes

Scottie absolutely broke the NBA combine this year, being a TOP 5 player there if we just measure physical conditions. He was measured in 201 cm without shoes and 203.2 cm with shoes. He has an adequate height for a SF, kind of small for a PF but he can offset this issue with a monstrosity wingspan of 220.35 cm. Which puts him into the TOP wingspans of this combine even without being a TOP height player. We can see that in the next figure:

Scottie absolutely broke the NBA combine this year, being a TOP 5 player there if we just measure physical conditions.

We can see that, although he stands closer to SF if we look to the height without shoes, he is ahead of a lot of bigger players in terms of wingspan. This makes us believe he can stand against bigger player, and this thought can be confirmed by his standing reached, where he showed us, he can reach up to 2.74 m with his feet on the floor.

  • Horizontal lines from down to TOP: Average wingspan, Percentile 85 wingspan, Percentile 90 wingspan.
  • Vertical lines from left to right: Average height without shoes, Percentile 85 height without shoes.

We can also see what his ratio of wingspan/height, in this case we are going to compare it with all the players that were marked as Forwards in the 2021 NBA Combine:

Scottie Barnes ratio of wingspan/height, in this case we are going to compare it with all the players that were marked as Forwards in the 2021 NBA Combine

He is ranked number 2, just behind Scottie Lewis, with a ratio of 1.098, those two players as well as Ziaire Williams stand out in this category.

If we continue with his anthropometric results, we can see that he was measured in 102.5 Kg of weight, which is fairly good for a player of his size, moreover he had just a 5.3% of body fat this percentage of body fat is inside the TOP 30% of the players ranked in the combine.

Stepping now into his hands, the first thing we got to say is kind of obvious, but… He is right-handed. Now, after this formality we are going to show a chart where we compare Hand width and Hand length:


We can see he is among the biggest hands of this combine, while being “just” 2.01 meters, he is closer to guys like Neemias Queta who is around 2.13 meters than from players of his own height.

If we move now from the anthropological part to the physical part (where we are going to measure his speed and his vertical jump) he is still a great physical project, as we are going to see he keeps his place into the best’s players in his positions.

We are going to start with his speed, we can have an idea of it if we look to the 3/4 court sprint (which is in essence a 21.5 meters sprint) we got these results:

Speed combine Scottie Barnes

He marked a pretty good time, it is not among the TOP times for forwards, but this is something we can understand, he is way heavier than the players with smaller times, but he is still able of obtaining a pretty solid time, especially for someone who is going to play at PF.

We are going to look now for his vertical jump marks, as we did with the 3/4 court sprint, we are going to show just PF, SF and SG/SF:

Combine Scottie Barnes vertical jump

We can see he stands in the TOP 6 in Max vertical Leap and TOP 2 in Standing vertical Leap among the forwards that attend to the NBA Combine. Basically, we can say he is a stud in here, probably a TOP 5 jumper overall in this draft regardless of the position. Something special about his jump is that he is able to use it in a very powerful way in many actions, he has a really good feet control being able of controlling his steps in a powerful way, but the most interesting thing in here is that he is able to get a big vertical jump regardless of the position of his feet. Because of this, Scottie is a player with the ability of dunking out of nowhere, he does not care if it is in a lob action, in transition or after playing P&R as a handler, if he can dunk, he will trust his strength and this powerful vertical jump.

To finalize this part of the inform we are going to show the values every forward obtained in the agility drill:

Combine Scottie Barnes agility drill

We can see here that he got a TOP 5 time, which is amazing, because as we said before, he is heavier than many players in here, but he is still able of competing with them in all the categories, and not just compete, but also beat many players in here.

To sum up, we can conclude the next few thing: Scottie Barnes physical complexion is amazing, with an impressive wingspan that will allow him to play in SF and PF position without any problem at all. Moreover, he is a powerful jumper, so if we add this to his wingspan and to his standing reach, we have an intriguing project here.

We can try to find some NBA prospects from other years with a similar anthropological condition, we found:  Marvin Williams, Rudy Gay, Kyle Anderson, or PJ Washington. Remember that is just based on anthropological metrics nothing else we did not take the physical results as parameters to screen.

Overall mentality

He is a winner, he played in his senior year of high school in one of the best HS teams I have ever seen, that Montverde Academy instilled a winning mentality in all of their members and, if that was not enough, he went to FSU where Leonard Hamilton also creates winning machines, so we know he will fight for everything. Moreover, he is a kind of player that will get immediately the heat of the fans. Players who are very active with a possibility of making impactful actions are always fan favorites, so I think he will have a good relationship with his fans.

He is always cheering for his teammates; he is the kind of guy you love to see in a locker room because of the ambient he is generating, we can see here, Spanish scouter Jordi Alfonso saying this.

Offensive evaluation

Scottie Barnes is an untypical prospect, because although he stands at 2.01 meters he plays in a guard-ish way that is so easy to fall in love. He plays a lot of P&R actions as a handler, and he is able of printing a lot of pace to the game.

He also can have, in my opinion an okey shooting evolution, although his results are not there yet, I think he can be an adequate shooter in the future. Moreover, he is a player that can use his size to go to the post when he has a physical advantage with his defender.

We are going to start by showing his shooting chart during this season at Florida State:

Scottie Barnes shooting chart

We can see in here a two-type distribution pretty clearly, where he shoots the vast majority of his shoots from the rim, where he actually had an impressive mark of 69% of accuracy. Moreover, he also had a fairly good number of three-point shots from both sides, his percentages are not something really good, but I think that he can develop into a, ok shooter from behind the arc.

With the shot chart already shown we are going to show now his playtype, this is how he distributed his actions during the NCAA season:

We are going to start showing a chart where we can see the actions he played and how many PPP scored in each action:

Chart where we can see the actions Scottie Barnes played and how many PPP scored in each action



We are going to show a Frequency and an FG% chart before we even assume about his offensive game:

We are going to show a Frequency and an FG% chart before we even assume about Scottie Barnes offensive game

He is a good player in transition, as well as in Post up actions and specially in cuts. However, he needs to develop a bit in Spot up situations. Then, we got to talk about what happens to his P&R actions, he is not as good as the guards in the NCAA, however, his ability to play at a great pace is fantastic for a player of his height.

To sum up, we are going to show up a chart where we can see the different percentiles Scottie Barnes got in some actions:

Chart where we can see the different percentiles Scottie Barnes got in some actions



He is a fantastic player in transition, his speed added to his size and power makes him a terrible threat to any defense. He can be a threat as a ball handler or as a runner because his on ball abilities are so good for this kind of games. He plays with a lot of pace, and this makes him someone you do not want to defend in those actions.

We are going to start with the things he needs to improve in his transition game (this is going to be a brief paragraph as you would suppose).  In my opinion he is kind of stubborn while going in transition, he sometimes misses some easy or clear passes to players who are closer to the rim than he is, in FSU it was not a problem at all because his was a standout player in transition but he needs to start “trusting” his teammates a beat more in this type of actions, because he will have better teammates in transition actions in the big league. That is probably his biggest problem in this kind of actions, he is not a bad passer, understand this, he tends to be a bit selfish in this actions, but he is able to find good reads.

There is another thing that he needs to improve a bit, and it is the shooting in transition, but we are not going to talk about his shoot now, there is going to be a full chapters for it, we can see in the video below that he can make threes in transition, but if he is able to stabilize a fairly good spot up shoot, he will be even better.

Besides those two points he is nearly a perfect transition player, fast, with a big acceleration and a lot of strength he uses to absorb contacts with another players. In an ideal scenario he will be able to translate all of this into NBA level and he will be a top transition player if he stabilizes his shoot.

His dribbling in transition is kind of basic, nothing amazing, but his game does not need advanced dribbling in order of being productive, it is true that his crossover dribble is really good, he gains a lot of space with it, and it is difficult to defend at high speeds, but in fact that is not an advanced dribble.

He is not only capable of going in transition with the ball, but also an excellent runner, he reads so well when he can run away to his basket to score easy points.

To sum up, I think he is a fantastic player in transition, he will be able to have a big impact in this part of the game for the most part of the teams in the league, there are, as we have shown some things that he needs to correct or to train but those things are more details in order to be a TOP tier player in transition than something that will put Barnes in trouble in the NBA.

We are adding a video with a few actions of his transition game:

Finishing near the rim

He is a fantastic player finishing close to the rim, as we can see in the shoot chart, he shot at 69% near the rim, and although this numbers are fantastic, he will need to improve some parts of his game near the rim in order to translate this amazing impact into the NBA.

He is a player who tends to impose his physicality to get into the rim and finishing close to it, he is capable of drawing a lot of faults there and it is definitely not afraid of the contact. If we talk now about the finishing itself, it has some lights but also some shadows. His extension is really good, he has a high release point and because of this he is finishing over the defenders with some facility. He is algo an agile player for his size/weight and because of this you can see him doing things that are quite surprising like some amazing Euro-steps with a good speed or some floaters. However, he needs to improve his touch, it is not something dramatic, but it can be vastly improved so he needs to work on there, luckily for him, he has a tremendous motor so he is able to touch a lot of his own offensive rebounds and can end up scoring.

Off ball game

We are talking in here about his off-ball game because we will refer to his off ball in transition too, so it will be closer to the reader.

Starting with this transition game, as we said he is a really fast player and he is able to read when he can run to his basket to score easy points, moreover, because of his strength it is really hard to move him while finishing near the rim so most of the time it will end up in 2 points for him.

After we talked about his game off-ball in transition, we are going to talk about his game off-ball in half court, in particular we are going to focus on his cuts.

He is a fantastic reader, as we are going to see below, his ability for reading the game is far superior to any Wing or Big in this NBA draft, he is unbelievably fast reading the game, this allows him to make the reads earlier than his defenders and he is able to find the right spot make the cut. If we add here is strength and power, we have probably (and without probably) the Nº1 cutter player in this draft, he is going to create a lot of space and also, he is able to create a lot of passing lines to his teammates, sometimes those passing lines came like a bottle of oxygen.


This is, by far, the most amazing part of Scottie Barnes offensive game. His a really promising handler in Pick and Roll actions. It was his second most used action during last year with a 23.3% of frequency of his whole actions, if we want to see which is the percentage of the P&R actions only in half-court game we can make the operation and we got that P&R as handler occupies the 32.3% of his actions, mostly a third of his actions in half court were P&R, his production was an average production for the NCAA, with 0.712 points per possession, nothing especial besides that we are talking about a PF who is playing P&R actions as if he was a Guard.

He is an explosive P&R player, using his physical conditions in for maximizing his game. He is so difficult to defend in this kind of actions because of his conditions, if you let him shoot, he will eventually score from the outside, and moreover, if you let him space to attack the rim, he will be a problem for your defense. Then, if you make a switch, he will be able to break a big man quite easily so it will be really difficult to defend him in this kind of action.

Starting now with his passing ability, he is a legit passer as a P&R Handler, he is able to make really good reads to obtain the better results for his team, although his passes are not really something spectacular, they are really solid, they could be also a bit stronger, but in general terms, they are fine. He is a really good player identifying when the help side is not well collocated, so he is able to find players in the corner spot quite easily, he can also find the roller in some actions, but I think he will struggle a bit to find it as easy in the league as he has done until now. In my opinion he will be a really good passer overall in NBA while playing P&R, and that is because in order to defend his best actives in this kind of action you need to sacrifice some passing lines that he will surely find and explode.

As a finisher he has the ability to become one of the TOP P&R finishers as a handler in this NBA draft, he has a lot of tools to excel in this field. First of all, we have to mention that he will play mostly as a PF, not many PF played a good amount of P&R, in fact, no more than 15 PF played more than 2 actions per game in the NBA, so we can say it is not common to face PF with this ability, this will surely force their rivals to adapt their defense. This “positional” advantage is not the only good thing Scottie has as a Handler, he is faster than the average PF and he also has a better burst than most of them, so if he has enough space he will surely find and advantage due to his speed and burst, moreover, he has a really solid change of direction too so if we add this to his burst and speed we have a player that can be really difficult to stop if he gains speed, so teams will need to close the rim well but they also need to not let him gain that speed so it is a quite complex situation. It may seem similar to who you need to prepare to stop Ben Simmons’ P&R although in my opinion Ben is a better generator than Scottie is but on the other hand, Scottie can be a threat from the downtown, not there yet, but he shoot more threes (40) this season than Ben Simmons in his lasts 5 seasons (34 in NBA plus 3 in NCAA, so 37 in last five seasons) and I think that, although he is not going to be a three point specialist, he will be able to score with a slightly above average (or just average) efficiency from three, in particular if he finds himself open, so it won’t be possible to let him shoot like some teams do against the generator of Philadelphia.

From my point of view he will develop into a really good P&R player and that’s because of his premium tools, I do not want to compare them because they are not the same type of player, but I think it will be a similar situation than the one that Kyle Anderson has in Memphis, where he is not a truly main generator, but he has a good amount of actions in P&R situations as a ball-handler. If he develops a confident three-point shoot, he will surely be a massive destruction weapon for any team.


I strongly believe he will have a really good handle in the NBA, he will not be Kyrie Irving (but, well, who is?) but he will be a good player there. Right now, he possesses a good number of tools, he is very consistent, always trying to find the spot to dribble, moreover he is very fluid for someone of his size. In addition to this he has a really good control of his acceleration, knowing when and how he needs to decelerate or accelerate.

He is not a player who is going to do a lot of fancy and complex dribbling, he prefers to do more basic movements, but those movements are always followed by and incredible amount of power. He has a really good change of direction while going to the rim. He is in essence, ambidextrous while dribbling (not while finishing though).

But besides all of his ability there is something that makes me believe he can be even a better handler; this is that he is always with the head up. This is fantastic, because he will be able to see what is happening on the court at every time. This might seem something common, but we have to understand better from where Scottie Barnes comes. He comes from Montverde Academy, where he shared team with this lineup: Cade Cunningham, Mosses Moody, Caleb Houstan, HIM and Day ‘Ron Sharpe,  in a team, that probably stands as a TOP 5 teams in HS history this century, where there was a clearly Nº1 ball handler, Cade, he was the second option as a creator in that lineup, then he moved into the NCAA to FSU where he was the leader, the player with the highest USG% between the players with +150 minutes in total, and he had the ball, since the beginning of the season his coach, Leonard Hamilton, exposed that Scottie was going to be the main generator of the team, so he passed from playing with a player like Cade who absorbed a lot of ball to play as a main generator and he needed to develop his handles in different situations, something he actually did so well.


As we can see in the shoot chart as well as in the Playtype, he is not a shooter yet, I do not think he will improve into a good shooter, but I really think he can be developed into an average shooter in C&S and open situations.

He was an average player if we look to the results in the NCAA this season, he produced a total of 0.923 Points per possession, if we divide this into guarded and unguarded shoots we have:

  • Guarded: 0.9 PPP, 30% FG%
  • Unguarded: 0.938 PPP, 31.3% FG%

This put him, as we said a second before in the average level of production in the NCAA.

In my opinions this numbers will be better in the future, this is because right now he seems to be trying different mechanics* even during the same game, he clearly needs to stabilize this, the team that drafts Scottie will need to work on his shooting mechanic, making him feel comfortable with one mechanic, and train with it.

With that being said it will be hard to analyze his shooting form, however, we can extract some conclusions if we watch his whole season. First thing that we can see is that he has a high release point, this is something he has been working for, at 100%, because he is very consistent in anything that involves using his wingspan as a key to success. Another good thing for his shoot is his feet colocation, he has a good width separation between them, so he can produce solid shoots and an okey balance, however, because of this, he tends to lose some time with this preparation, he needs to get more used to it and make the movement much more fluent. And, because of all of this preparation, his catch and shoot is also a bit slower than it is desired, but I believe he will be able to adapt this things and he will be an average shooter.

First and foremost, he seems to have two problems while shooting. First one is a shooting mechanics issue, he needs to look for the mechanic he is more comfortable with and use it. The second problem is more a kinetic issue, his problems looked much more related to a psychomotor issue than to anything else, he needs quite a lot of work in there to, because an improvement in this area might not just be successful here, but also work for improvement in many others.

*He is working right now in order to improve this, he has been seen in the gym working in order to get the same mechanic every single action, working on his ball movement and the arc the ball makes from his hand to the basket, so scouts clearly make him notice that was something to improve in order to get better in the next level.

Offensive evaluation summary

In my opinion Scottie Barnes is an amazing offensive prospects it has so many tools to help any team that it is hard passing on him. He will be a fantastic transition player and can be developed into an incredibly good P&R player, because he just needs to fix a few details in order to be an impactful player. His main problem is his shooting, but, as I said, it is not going to be a great shooter, but he will be able to shoot in stationary actions and in open-very open situations, in my opinion that outcome will be fair enough for him in order to develop a more than solid game so I will not worry about it so much.

Defensive evaluation:

Because of his physical conditions Scottie can be an excellent defender, he is quick, strong and has long arms to be a problem basically to any player in the league.  He displays a lot of intensity in his defense, moreover, he is someone who is not scared of taking the responsibility while defending, if there is a guy who is shooting fire, Scottie will go there and will try to stop him.

On ball defense:

He is an astounding player while defending the ball, he has been working in this part of the game so much, being a surprisingly polished prospect in this scenario.

First of all, we are going to talk about how he is able to translate his great physical abilities to the on-ball defense. He gives a lot of intensity; he is moving all the time and he makes a fantastic use of his wingspan to annoy the handler as much as possible. He plays very low, moreover, he is someone with a pretty decent lateral mobility, because of those two things he is able to  manage guards quite successfully, but not just that, he is capable of mirroring ball-handlers and disturb a lot with his very active hands. Because of this physical conditions he is able to switch in, basically, every situation, that is without a doubt one of the biggest necessities for any team in the NBA right now, in particular if you face teams with great P&R players like Luka Doncic, Trae Young or Dame Lillard. He is also capable of switching while defending off screen actions. We also have to talk, as we did before in the offensive evaluation, about his strength, it is fantastic and it lets him to absorb a lot of contacts, whether it is a screen contact or a contact while he is defending the rim. Maybe he will suffer a bit against very small and explosive guards, like we can see in the video below, but this is something that, basically, every bigger guy will suffer, so it is not a big drama.

We are passing now into his technique, as we said before he is very polished and have shown a lot of amazing flashes, that will surely put him in the TOP 5 defenders of this class.

He is fantastic in reading how he needs to position his body in order to give the attacker the worst angles for his game, this thing, in addition to his sliding technique makes him a formidable defender. He also know how and when he needs to open his arms in order to look bigger and intimidate the ball-handler with his wingspan. He is also able to defend nearly every player in every context, not just being switchable but also being someone who can disturb the shoots from the bigger players and also stay attached to the smaller guards.

He is a very constant player, he is always there, when you are watching him on defense it looks like his attacker cannot really break him, he is able to defend from the beginning of the court until the end of it at maximum intensity, I think he is capable of doing this because of his great recoverability, he is able to recover his attacker in a bit, so he is able to press all the time, this is something really good, but it could develop into a problem, because he can take some risks that, maybe in NCAA/HS were not punished but they will be in the NBA.

We also have to talk about his defensive change of direction, and it is really promising, that is something we could suppose if we used just the NBA Draft Combine metrics, but now we can confirm it.

So, to sum up, he is a fantastic on ball defender, he uses all his physical conditions as well as his polished game in order to develop a fantastic on ball defense, he will be a threat to any team because of his high level and his ability to switch in defense like nothing.

Off ball defense

He is a shocking reader overall in the game, and so he is in the off-ball defense. He is a fairly good communicator, kind of talkative during the game, communicating rotations and correcting positions of his teammates.

He has a solid closeout technique, because of his speed, wingspan, and acceleration he is able to do full closeouts without any problem at all, and, as we said, his technique, which is actually pretty nice, allows him to hold nearly every attacker. His technique, as we have just said is pretty nice, but he needs to be a bit more constant, because, sometimes, he can overrun some closeouts because of his partial lack of control.

His work on the weakside is nearly incredible, starting off with his positioning, he tries to be always in the best position so he can be as helpful as possible, because of this he is so impactful on helping drives and cuts coming to the basket, and because of his speed and his great recoverability he is able to catch up his player again.

His rotations are really good overall, in particular the perimeter rotations, he is so helpful in this kind of actions, in my opinion too much, there are moments where I think he tends to be a bit over-helper with his teammates. As you may notice he is a guy who makes a ton of efforts, he is always making extra rotations and he is willing to cover long distances in order to help his team.

He is a brilliant player reading passing lines, because of his facility to recover he tends to risk a bit, but nothing dramatic, actually it is even a good thing because he force some hesitation for the passer.

His overall awareness is outstanding, he is constantly making correct reads, his vision defensively is above average at worst. He is able of identifying his teams’ mismatches is always in disposition of going there in order to avoid this mismatch.

His transition defense is also something amazing for his game, he is able to communicate easily with his teammates and, because of his speed and vertical leap he is a constant danger near the rim for his opponents.

In my opinion he is going to be an amazing player if we are talking about his off-ball defense, he is capable of doing basically anything you will ask to him, however he might be a bit overconfident sometimes, but he will surely correct this in the near future.

Rim protection

This part is kind of difficult to evaluate, yes, he had just 11 blocks in 24 games, but I think he is better than those numbers might suggest. First of all, he is good while positioning for the rim protection, that is not something special because, as we said before he is a quick reader, and so he is while protecting the rim. He has also all the tools in order to be a good rim protector coming from the weak side, he has a big wingspan, and a powerful vertical leap, moreover his timming is pretty good too, and because of his strength he is able of absorbing a lot of contacts while keeping his arms up.

Although his awareness, as we have seen is at least pretty decent, he is not an aggressive rim protector, in my opinion, he could push himself a little bit more in this actions, however, it is nothing compulsory on a player like him.

His main problem here is his consistency, he is not there yet, sometimes he seems a bit lost, but it is nothing to worry about, because in my opinion you will not draft Scottie Barnes in order to be your greatest rim protector, you want him closer to the action.

Personal opinion

In my personal opinion Scottie Barnes is a truly intriguing prospect, probably one of the most unique projects in this Draft, if not the most unique. Statistically he is way closer to guards than to any PF, however he will be developed in that position. We know that these days there are not positions in NBA basketball, but having the possibility of having a partial generator coming from the PF is something amazing for any team.

His biggest problem is his shooting, as you noticed while reading this text, as we said he needs to improve quite a lot in order to become at least a threat from behind the arc, in my personal opinion there is an interesting path to improvement in this area, I think he truly knows what to do in order to improve his shooting, obviously he is not getting Klay Thompson’s level, but I would confident saying he will be an (slightly under) average shooter.

I think this development of his shooting will be a key to maximize his playmaking ability, we know this playmaking is fascinating, and we are able to see it right now, but with a minimum thee point menace he will get his play-making ability to another level.

Defensively, Scottie Barnes is a fantastic player, basically for one reason. His versatility. He is, alongside with Usman Garuba the most versatile and switchable player in this NBA Draft. And this is something absolutely compulsory in today’s NBA, where we are watching how ball-handlers are getting a lot of advantages in P&R situations because of the inability of most the bigs in the game of switching and controlling those ball-handlers. Scottie is player who is kind of capable of doing this, he is quick enough to at least try to minimize ball-handlers, at least in a better level than nearly every big player in the league.

Scottie is going to be an impactful player, mostly because of his game’s pace, he is playing at 100% in every action, and this is something fans really like, so he will be able to make a strong connection with them easily.

Will Scottie Barnes work?

In my opinion, drafting a strong wing with his generation abilities is something too gourmand to not think it at least twice. As we said before he only has one truly problem in his game, his shooting, but it is not something lost, like it happens to other players, he is working so hard on this, so I will trust an improvement there. Besides this, if Scottie Barnes he until his highest ceiling, you will draft a DPOY candidate with a lot of flavor for the generation with the ball, moreover, you will draft someone with a deep understanding of the game, in both parts of the action, and also someone who is going to make a really good impact with your fanbase.

This kind of players are basically generator of mismatches offensively and destroyers defensively.

If it does not work?

I do not think you can break him, seriously, I think you can under develop him and not use him in a correct way, so, if you pick him in a TOP 6 position and you do not develop him correctly, he will look like a reach, however, because of his pace and his defense ability he will surely be an impactful rotation player at worst. Offensively he could be a quite inefficient player, with an underdeveloped shoot he will not be a great threat in P&R actions, and he will be limited in half-court game to cuts and some his P&R actions will be reduced. In transition, he will be a force regardless of the development. Defensively, as we said, he will be at least, an impactful player, his size, his mobility, and his ability to read the game are good enough right now.

Where does he fits?

Well, in my opinion, Scottie Barnes is a TOP 5 talent in this NBA draft, so I do not expect him to fall so much. I would say pick number 8 should be his worst outcome.

  • Cleveland: (by @Menex77bball) He is a player that fits incredibly well in Cleveland, right now we have seen that Okoro can be a great defensive specialist, but if we want to create a bigger project, we need more things. Offensively speaking we need to see how he fits with Collin Sexton, both players need the ball to produce, one as a secondary generator and the other one as a scorer, so that fit might be a bit intriguing. Besides that, problem the fit is pretty, pretty good.
  • Orlando: Although it seems that Orlando has the wings/bigs positions quite full I think Scottie fits perfectly with their philosophy, and has at least, as much upside as anyone on his roster, so he should not pass from their both picks, I personally still have doubts on their possible generators, so Scottie will have a decent scenario there to explode this part of his game, moreover, his defense fits especially well in the flavor that Orlando has been looking for during the lasts years.
  • GSW: I think they will try to force a trade in order to get some immediate talent so they can squeeze Curry’s last years, but if somehow, they decide to spend the pick in a mid-long term, Barnes could be with someone like Draymond Green and use him as a mentor in order to get a name in the league. This pick would be kind of baffling because they have said they want to compete back again, and I think there are some better options for this than Scottie Barnes, however, if they are able to get him a good number of minutes, he will have a cool impact.
  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma needs a lot of things, they need a lot of talent, and they are always seeking for intriguing projects, and well, Scottie is one of those, having a strong guy who can lead their defense with Dort in there as well as getting someone who will immediately take a bit of responsibility in the creation for Shai is something really interesting. He will be an oxygen balloon to both of their leaders.

How would I develop Scottie Barnes?

I will attack this section, thinking that my only job in a franchise is to develop him, I will not care about anything else, I am just going to look to maximize Scottie Barnes regardless of where he ends up.

First thing I would do is attacking his shooting mechanics, we need to stabilize it, and make him taking constant shoots, with the same mechanic over and over, he has already got the feel for the shoot understanding when to shoot, so this will not be a problem. I would probably let him shoot something like 2.8-3.5 threes per game. After that I will get into his P&R actions, I would like to see him doing both, I would like to see if I can use him as a short roller too, it will give every team a ton of versatility.

Then, defensively I would like to see him nearly always against the best ball handler in the other team, unless he is a super explosive PG, so basically, I will try to explode this thing as much as possible. Moreover, I will try to make him the leader of the team in that part of the game, that is something he will try to do, but if, somehow, I were in the franchise that drafts him I would try to push this as hard as possible.



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